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Many apps don't make it obvious that this is part of their make-up, for obvious reasons. The BBC investigated the possibility of ads turning up in response to vocal prompts you saying something near your phone , and found that it's entirely possible, because if apps include "record audio" permissions and users don't notice that in the fine print, they're technically allowing them to use their smartphone audio.

Google and Facebook have both denied that either of their apps use this functionality. If you're worried, make sure you review the permissions very carefully on every new app on your phone, and watch for new developments; an app was developed in that attempts to block ultrasonic communications on your smartphone that happen without your knowledge, and better protections may well be on the way.

Companies trying to serve ads are one thing, but it's also entirely possible, in today's marketplace, to get ahold of technology that allows you to monitor the communications of another individual's smartphone. Most of these apps are marketed as parental tools to monitor children , or as products for company phones to improve the productivity of workers.

From a legal perspective, all are meant to be visible to the owners of the phones, so that they know that they're being watched. However, there are other possibilities for less scrupulous people to spy on others using their smartphones, and they should worry any smartphone user.

It does require access to the other person's phone to install it, but once it's there, it runs quietly — and copies all text messages and phone calls, sees the phone's GPS location, monitors all emails and social media visits, and can take a photo using the phone's camera. It can even listen to the phone's surroundings and record what it hears. The implications for this sort of spyware are legion, but one particular problem is its usage by abusive partners and spouses.

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Spyware can be used to covertly or explicitly control people, monitor their movements, and harass them. A survey by Women's Aid, a UK domestic violence charity, in found that 41 percent of domestic violence victims had experienced targeting via spyware. Products are often explicitly marketed to "catch a cheating wife or girlfriend," and offer features as diverse as IM recording and Whatsapp and Skype monitoring which is concerning, as Whatsapp has end-to-end encryption that means this should be extremely difficult to do.

Some can be installed remotely, without needing to interfere with the phone itself. And yes, listening-in facilities that use the microphone to record your life, like apps that use the microphone to help target ads to you, are standard with these products.

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The legitimate purposes of these apps for employees and children mean that they're not blocked from the market though it can be legally problematic to install them without the person's knowledge. In the meantime, detecting spyware can be tricky. An easily drained phone or overheated battery can be signs, but using a spyware detection app is possibly the only real way to make sure. Technically, using these apps illicitly and without consent is against the law: The Wiretap Act says that it's illegal to intentionally intercept, disclose, or use any wire, electronic or oral communication through the use of a device.

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Is the developer on the hook for producing something that has licit uses and not preventing people from using it illegally? Or is it all the consumer's responsibility?

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Legal questions of these kinds are still unanswered, and in the meantime, spyware's still on the market. There are ways of hacking into mobile phones for data and listening in to their communications beyond apps — and some of them have become full-blown scandals. One is a vulnerability in mobile phone communication networks: a set of protocols known as SS7, or Signaling System 7. It's designed for official telecoms to communicate about where a user might be remember Serial? Joseph Cox at The Daily Beast explains :.

SS7's security problems have been known since at least the late '90s. CBS hacked into Congressman Ted Lieu's calls and listened to them in to demonstrate how easy the backdoor was to access.

It's even been used to drain German bank accounts in , according to German law enforcement. The most powerful feature gives you the power to hear their surroundings just by calling them on your own phone when their phone is not being used. You will be able to eavesdrop on exactly what is taking place around them, all covert. Their phone does not perform any functions or dead giveaways as if nothing is happening making you safe from detection at all times.

The technology is here where you can not only tap, track, view photos on a phone but also use it as a listening device.

Big tech companies are getting harder to trust.

Best way to find out if your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you. Now you can obtain the proof without having to hire an expensive investigator. According to an article by the BBC about smartphone spying ,. The technology has been around for a while to monitor smartphones. Now you can have this power as well to monitor all activity in and around a smartphone.