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We classify such apps as stalkerware, and using apklab. Reply Report. PA: Watch the Shop Related products listing on these pages. There's a "Search Engine for Google" download showing from Amazon and we all know that's a fake. Want to comment?

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Google pulls stalker apps identified by Avast | Avast

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Ban user and delete all posts. Google Play Pass is just a lazy response to Apple Arcade. Samsung introduces the new flagship Exynos chipset that will power the Galaxy S We reported the first appearance of this app on the official Android store to the Google security team on July 2 nd , , and it was removed within 24 hours.

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Figure 1. The malicious Radio Balouch app appeared twice on Google Play.

10 Top Free Android Spy Apps – Hidden and Undetectable + 3 Spying/Phone tracker services

After being removed from Google Play, the malicious radio app is only available on third-party app stores at the time of writing. It has also been distributed from a dedicated website, radiobalouch[. The domain was registered on March 30 th , , and shortly after our complaint, the website was down and still is at the time of writing. Figure 2.


The malicious Radio Balouch app works on Android 4. Its internet radio functionality is bundled with the functionality of AhMyth into one malicious app. After installation, the internet radio component is fully functional, playing a stream of Balouchi music. However, the added malicious functionality enables the app to steal contacts, harvest files stored on the device and send SMS messages from the affected device.

Functionality for stealing SMS messages stored on the device is also present. As AhMyth has more variants whose functionalities vary, the Radio Balouch app and any other malware based on this open-source espionage tool might get further functions in the future via an update.

How did they work?

After launch, users choose their preferred language English or Farsi ; in the next step, the app starts requesting permissions. First, it requests access to files on the device, which is a legitimate permission for a radio app to enable its functionality; if declined, the radio would not work. Then, the app requests the permission to access contacts.

Here, to camouflage its request for this permission, it suggests this functionality is necessary should the user decide to share the app with friends in their contact list. If the user declines to grant the contact permissions, the app will work regardless. After the setup, the app opens its home screen with music options, and offers the option to register and login.